Our platform is so simple and easy to use. Once your account is setup up, this is how ReferU works.

Register and invite your team

Your first step to getting started is to sign up to ReferU and invite all your company staff members to ReferU with their respective user roles. You can choose from three user roles of Account Admins, HR & Hiring Managers and Referrers.

Register company

Create a new job ad

HR and hiring managers can easily create a new job ad in the ReferU platform and with a click of a button can share that job ad via email to your entire team. Creating a new job ad is quick and easy. You can populate your job ad with details like job title, location, remuneration, job description together with responsibilities, required skills, basic qualifications and preferred qualifications. You can also choose to show or hide the remuneration in the job ad and you can edit, close or delete job ads at any time.

Share a job ad with your team

To ensure the best quality referrals, job ads are initially shared internally to your team. All the users in your company ReferU account will receive an email notification for any new job ads. They can then easily click through to ReferU and share a job ad to their personal network.

Your team shares a job ad with their personal network

From the ReferU platform, your team can very easily share a job ad to their personal network via:

  • social media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter),
  • email
  • instant message (WhatsApp Web)

Your team collects applicants

After sharing the job ad to their personal network, any applications for the job will go directly to the staff member who shared the job ad. With unique IDs we automatically track who shared the job ad and where applications came from. The referrer will receive an email notification each time they get a new application and they will be able to conveniently view all their applicants in the ReferU platform.

Applicants are rated and reviewed

Referrers can quickly and easily rate and review their applicants within the ReferU platform before passing them on to HR and the hiring manager. The skills defined by HR and the hiring manager when they create the job ad becomes an innovative rating scale which referrers use to score applicants on each required skills for the job. The hiring team can quickly benchmark candidates on their overall score as well as see exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are for each required skill.

Candidates are referred

After applicants have been rated and reviewed, the referrer can easily pass on the application to HR and the hiring manager for further consideration by HR and the hiring manager. So much time is saved as HR and the hiring manager now only need to review a smaller pool of quality candidates instead of wade through countless unsuitable resumes.

Referrals are interviewed and hired

By receiving a smaller pool of highly qualified candidates through ReferU, it ensures that HR and the hiring manager can hire a better quality candidate that perfectly matches the job spec and company culture.

ReferU invoices you

Once the candidate is hired, the company, referrer and successful candidate are all required to log the successful placement within the ReferU platform. This allows us to know another excellent hire was made from ReferU and that we can go ahead and invoice the company for the placement fee. ReferU offers a three-month guarantee on all permanent placements made from ReferU. Should the hire not work out within the first three months you can simply use our platform free of charge to find a new candidate.

ReferU pays out the referral fee and sign-on bonus

After the three-month candidate guarantee period has elapsed, ReferU then pays out the referrer a large referral fee and the successful candidate a welcome sign-on bonus. This is a built-in, highly incentivised but hassle-free referral programme for your company. Not only can you save a lot of money on recruitment fees but you gain a very efficient employee referral programme for your company.

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