We make recruiting quality talent a whole lot easier, faster and cheaper and here are some of our core benefits.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…So change your recruitment strategy from hundreds of applicants, most of whom don’t match the job spec, to a smaller pool of perfectly matched referrals.


Set out as a team to find the best talent for your company. Who better to recruit your new staff than your existing team? They know your company culture, work ethic and exactly what is required of the position. Modern companies are built on culture and each hire either builds or breaks culture. Make sure every hire you make is the right one.


With a click of a button ReferU helps you quickly create and share a new job ad with your entire team who in turn can easily share that job ad to their personal network via email, social media or instant message.


Once your team has shared the job ad to their personal network, they then collect and vet applicants with ReferU’s simple rating and reviewing system. They then pass on the vetted applicants to HR and the hiring manager. Only highly screened, quality candidates delivered straight to your inbox. What could be better?


By using technology to power our online platform, we can collect referrals at scale very efficiently and can therefore charge a far lower placement fee than traditional recruitment agencies. Save a lot of money on recruitment fees and sign up to ReferU today.

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